The Diet Riot

It’s time to win the weight loss struggle and break free from binge and emotional eating once and for all.
It’s time to learn how the diet cultures methods have have only made you more stuck.
Join me in the The Diet Riot, leave your struggles behind and finally reach your goals. 
 Do you feel like you’ve tried «everything» and «nothings works for you»?

Are you trying again and again to get your s*** together and apply even more rigidity
and control to your interventions to stay in «on track» to lose weight? 

Because you know you can do it when you decide…. 

However, you fall off track - again and again…

I believe that as women, we deserve to know that we have been fooled by diet culture and the systems. Buying into their non-sustainable fad diets and believing that we need to suffer with military precision and rigidity to reach our goals.

We try to go after an external win without the whole solution, and when we fail we’re left with the belief that «It must be ME that’s the problem, I’m such a failure…». 

And it’s coasting us our internal wellness, self worth, our belief in ourselves and our quality of life. 

«If someone is like me, - someone who has tried "everything", then you can be sure that this is what you need, and afterwards you don't need to try anything else, because this works.» 

  • Rachel L.

In my career as a clinical dietitian, binge and emotional eating coach, health coach and life coach, I’ve seen countless women living a life in suffering and self-torture on the inside, because of their struggles with dieting, weight loss, their body, their energy and their overall health.

They feel stuck, have endless to-do lists and they never feel like they are good enough. They have merged their self worth and feeling of being good enough, with how much they get done every day and they feel lazy if they rest. (No wonder they end up turning to food when they’re resting - after all they are doing something: They’re eating!)

In todays society the unspoken expectations toward us women are higher than ever; on how much we should get done, what we should achieve, how we should look, how we should be there for others, and how we are «a good girl». The whole system promotes expectations that is more than what one person alone can deliver, and it has created a culture of exhaustion where this has become the normal. Women pay the biggest price for this with our health: Our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

You are scammed into believing that when you can’t stick to your diet and you lose control around food, it’s YOU who’s the problem, not the approach…
But nothing could be further from the truth. 

We so often try to shoehorn way too much into every day life, and we wish the day would have more than 24 hours. 

And then, when the accumulation of stress, exhaustion and easy solutions when it comes to put food has taken it’s toll on our body, weight and health we intervene. 

The problem is that we search for “the holy grail of all diets”: The one solution that we’ll try to shoehorn into an already hectic life, and then magically it will work for us to lose weight long term. But we overstretch and only add more pressure and stress into our lives, and it turns into a self imposed torture prison which we can endure only for a certain period of time before our rubber band snaps. 

Everything we do is for an emotional reason and if we experience too much stress, pressure, rigidity and constantly feeling that we’re exhausted while chasing our own tail, we inevitably end up swimming in a pool of stress every day in our life, as well as never feeling good enough. At some point our body and brain inevitably ends up forcing us to turn to food, to cope, to get some quick energy, and to escape. This is when we have the “Fu** it”-moments and say:
“Fuck it, I’ll start again tomorrow…”

The guilt, shame and feeling like a failure comes after…
“Oh no, I did it again….”

When we use diets that aren’t cooperating with our physiology or our psychology, it will only lead to cycles of yo yo dieting, weight loss struggle, and binge and emotional eating. Because either you are on track with your diet, or you are off track. 

And when you are off track, your brain tries to cover not only the cravings you had while you were on a diet, but all potential future cravings as well. No wonder you feel like you’re spinning out of control…

The psychology of diets is the reason these cycles of “on the wagon, off the wagon” get’s created, and no one in the diet culture is talking about it, nor includes it in the approaches. It only leaves women like you feeling hopeless, stuck, miserable and with a messed up relationship with food.

«Anyone who has challenges with food and body should get Camilla’s program on a prescription!»  

  • Rachel L.

Join The Diet Riot Course and learn all about why the methods you have been using up until now haven’t worked for you and has directly lead you on a path of weight loss struggle, binge eating and emotional eating. 


What we will cover:
  • The psychology of dieting and how these negative and sabotaging patterns is created in your brain.
  • How the challenges with food, your body and weight loss is created when using the wrong methods of dieting.
  • Why the “all or nothing mindset” is created, and what happens when you “fall off the wagon”.
  • Why willpower dieting only makes your problems with food and dieting worse. 
  • Why traditional diet's don’t hold the whole solution. 
  • What you need to do to break free from these struggles, and finally reach your goals. 




I’m calling you into a world changing riot where we reframe how we see ourselves as a failure for trying to play the game of the diet culture. It’s time to break free from weight loss struggle, binge and emotional eating and sabotaging patterns, and create a new paradigm for how we approach food, healthy living and make our lives an expression of who we are on the inside. 

The Woman Behind

Camilla Sage is an authorized clinical dietitian, binge and emotional eating coach, life coach and health coach. She helps women to overcome problems such as constant yoyo dieting, binge and emotional eating, struggling to lose weight, healthy habits and lifestyle, food issues, low self-confidence low, self worth and so much more. Challenges that keep you stuck, leads you to sabotage for yourself and are keeping you from achieving the results you wish for, for yourself, your body, your health and your life.