Discover why chronic dieting, weight loss struggle and emotional eating won't be resolved with yet another diet.  

With Camilla Sage

The food  is only 

the symptom...  

Transform your relationship with food, reprogram the binge and emotional eating habit, release the weight loss struggle and repair the relationship with yourself. Only then you will have the whole solution and finally get the results you dream of - from the inside out.  


You aren’t who you think you are

We often navigate this world from a tamed, moulded and dimmed version of ourselves, the one we think we are and should be - shaped by conditioning.

It can seem hopeless and impossible to break out of the sabotaging patterns you feel stuck in, which always leaves you with not reaching Your goals, food struggles, negative body image, endless yo-yo dieting and “on the wagon, off the wagon” mentality. You may even have struggled with this for so long, it Feels impossible to imagine your life without it…

But those struggles is not who you are, nor are they your struggles because of your personality-traits or lack of willpower and character. You’re not a “lost cause” because you seem to never get a handle on your food struggles. These are learned patterns from conditioning in society, in lack of better knowing.

Breaking free from these patterns and creating a life on the outside that’s aligned with who you are on the inside, can feel like the most scary, impossible and overwhelming thing to do. 

But this fear only means you have come to the right place.

«Anyone who has challenges with food and body should get Camilla’s program on prescription!»

  • Rachel L. 

You are at a Turning Point

You’re now seeing that the ways you have done things in the past hasn’t been working or given you the permanent success you’re looking for. You still don’t have the heath, body, energy, stress-free, joyful life you’ve been longing for. 

The life where you feel like yourself, a driven, resourceful, vibrant force of nature. 

But the only way you are going to manage to create the change you long for is if you stop acting like you don’t matter. 

You’re not here to abandon yourself, your dreams or your life, only to support and prioritise everything else but yourself. You are not ment to come last on the priority-list, and you were never ment to base your self-worth on how good you are, how much you get done, or what your body looks like. 

Everything you need to break free from what’s holding you back, and step into the life you want to live is already on the inside. 

But you need to choose yourself, prioritise your health and emotional needs and claim your life as yours. You need to walk a new path. 

We’re waiting for you. 


Read Camilla's Story  ➝

As a mother of three, a woman who previously have struggled with perfectionism, stress, burnout, being “the good girl” and massive health issues because of these things, I know what it’s like to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed-out, lack of meaning, joy and direction. 

In all of this we disconnect from our bodies, shame it and ourselves for not being or doing “enough”, and we then develop coping-mechanisms to persevere.

I’ve always believed that living healthy shouldn't be hard. However, this isn't something we're taught and today women suffer more than ever because they don't have the whole solution and we are conditioned into thinking our worth is decided by our looks and how much we produce and get done. 

As a licensed medical dietitian with background in psychology, a certified binge and emotional eating coach, health coach and life coach, I use my understanding of physical, emotional and mental health, to empower others to release binge and emotional eating, reclaim their health, end weight loss struggles, returning to themselves and stepping into life that’s truly aligned with who they are.

«If someone is like me - someone who have tried "everything", then you can be sure that this is what you need. And after you don't need to try anything else, because this works!» 

  • Rachel L.


"The price of fear and inaction, is the life you could have lived."

- Camilla Sage

Want To Dive In? 
Resources for every stage of your journey.  

Here are all the ways to work with me…

The Diet Riot:

How To Break Free From Binge And Emotional Eating


The Diet Riot is a 7 part online course that teaches you why the diet culture is the reason you struggling with binge and emotional eating and to lose weight.

If you are ready to learn why challenges with eating and weight loss are created from diet culture, why the approaches you’ve tried up until now haven’t been the whole solution, and how you can break free from these struggles once and for all… this is the right course for you. 

Inside this course you'll learn:

  • How our brain work
  • Why using diets to lose weight creates binge and emotional eating
  • Why struggling with binge and emotional eating doesn't have anything to do with you
  • What it takes to break free from these problems

From Pressure To Pleasure



Stress and fear of not being good enough, is the main cause we struggle with our healthy lifestyle. 


  • Letting go of the constant urgency and always feeling like your'e behind
  • Stopping being afraid of not being enough: Good enough, productive enough, smart enough, pretty enough
  • Experiencing inner calmness and being fully present in the things you do, finally making the choices and priorities YOU want to feel easy
  • Experiencing a high quality of life, even though your external life hasn't changed much

Inside this course you go through a transformative journey to create a massive shift inside yourself, doing life and responding to the stressors of life in a completely different way. A transformation from the inside out. 


The Homecoming


Finally… A proven Step-By-Step System To End Negative Body Image And Finally Feeling Amazing While Reaching Your Goals

What if you could look in the mirror and really, truly love who you see? 

IMAGINE…You being comfortable in your own skin feeling at ease and happy with your own body every single day

  • Starting your day with gratitude and inner harmony, instead of feeling that every day is defined by how you look in the mirror in the morning, or the number on the scale that day

  • Being free to wear what you want and love, not dressing to hide yourself…

  • Stopping worrying about what other people think of you or other people judging you

This will literally change your whole life.


Wholehearted Transformation

Breaking Free From Binge And Emotional Eating 


A 16 weeks program where you will permanently end binge and emotional eating, heal the relationship with yourself, step into your most powerful self and create the life of your dreams! 


  • Finally ending the struggles of binge and emotional eating
  • Experiencing food freedom - food being secondary in your life
  • Never again struggling to live healthy and finally losing weight for good
  • Feeling free to do life in your own terms (including putting on that bikini and having FUN!)
  • Experiencing and enjoying life fully present - every day

One Sageness


This is a high level, deep coaching experience working 1:1 with Camilla. This is for you who want to take yourself and your life to the next level.

This is a tailored, 6 months  journey, where we cover self-leadership, ownership, smashing limiting believes and uncover everything that's holding you back, to rise to your next level.

This is for you who want to break through the glass-ceiling and take yourself, your mindset, your health and your successes further than you thought was possible.

Application only.


Level Up Your Potential

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«After working with Camilla, I have gotten a completely new view of myself and my body. That investment is so worth it!»

- Rachel L.

«Anyone who has challenges with food and body should get Camilla’s program on a prescription!» 

- Eva U.

«The children have noticed big changes - I don't get easily annoyed by small things anymore and I'm so much more present and happy.»

- Louise S.

«I’ve become a more happy and present wife and mother. I’m finally losing weight without it feeling like being on a diet. I have more quality of life, better health and more joy than ever, and I’m so happy I can work toward my goals and in the same time enjoy life through the process.» 

- Anne O.


«This is not just "another program", or "another restrictive method", but something that will give you more quality of life and greater confidence in yourself.»

- Stina L

«I make better choices when it comes to food and I’ve never had so many vegetables in the fridge. I have routines when it comes to food and exercise, and it has become completely automatic.»

- Lina M.