About me

Hi, I’m Camilla Sage, and I used to be the “Good Girl”. 

It was all an act…

From an age of a young adult, I was struggling with low self worth, fear of never being good enough, negative body image, food, perfectionism, people pleasing, overwhelm, constant stress, lack of energy, health issues and so on. 

On the outside I was a classical resourceful person with my shit together, but on the inside I was depressed, unhappy, and suffering in a total plain crash from my insecurities, negative thoughts and emotions. 

I spent years blindly following “the rules” of how the world expected me to be, leaving that vise, cheeky, playful, radiant Camilla behind. 

I never considered if I ever where happy, and I honestly believed that adult-life was more about putting up a fasade and seeming like I had my life together, always doing something, achieving and hustling, rather than having a life where I would be experiencing joy, gratefulness, laughter and fulfilment every single day. I followed the main-stream and I did what “was expected of me”, what I was “supposed” to do. I didn’t realise that I was deeply unhappy, suffering from major health issues (this state of constant pain, lack of energy and many other symptoms were after all “normal” for me).

The elder I got and the longer I kept on pushing myself, the more my health was in a free fall. It wasn’t until one night on the bathroom floor when the following thought hit me: “If this is how life is gonna be, it’s not worth it”, that I realised how long I had been racing down the wrong path. This became a huge pivotal point for me. 

From here on I made it my quest to learn everything I could about personal growth and development. With my background in both psychology and dietetics, I had a good foundation to start with, and I invested a lot in myself, worked with and got mentored by the worlds best coaches on human behaviour change, as well as taking multiple coaching educations. 


-  Camilla Sage

But the world we live in…

Benefits from you not knowing your own worth, and we are brainwashed into believing that…

  •  Saying “No” is not polite. 
  •  Prioritising yourself means you’re egoistic and selfish.
  •  Your worth is based on how much you do all day. 
  •  Needing rest means that your’e weak (and useless). 
  •  You always have to be doing something and utilising time to be worthy. 
  •  Personal development is “Woo woo”
  •  “Who are you to think that you’re better than anyone else?”

Because then you’re staying a good girl, keeping within the lines, terrified of rejection, conflict or stepping on someone’s toes.

But when you don’t have the space or energy to take care of yourself, not only you - but the world around you suffers. Because when you don’t show up as your authentic self, not only does the people around you miss out on the most amazing and radiant version of you that’s in there, but your experience of life becomes a very poor version of what could have been. You’re missing out on a truly amazing experience of life for yourself. 

Enough was enough

I finally refused to sacrifice myself anymore, and I started one step at the time breaking the habit of being my old self. 

And with each step I had to take, I grew into the person I needed to be to be able to take the next, and the next. And this is how I transformed myself and my life. I literally returned home to myself, to the person I was all along on the inside. and I changed and aligned my life on the outside in the same process. One step at the time. 

I educated myself, implemented my deep knowledge in my work, and created coaching services and communities to support women to release their struggles, and break free from who the world want’s them to be. Helping resourceful women remembering who they are, returning home to themselves and creating the changes they need in their life - unapologetically.

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I believe you landed here for a reason

Listen to me:

You CAN overcome the challenges you’re facing, you just need to know how and walk the path trough the process of change. You are meant to live the life you dream of, those dreams are yours for a reason. You having the courage to choose yourself and taking one step at the time, is crucial for how the rest of your life will be. We desperately need the version of you where your light shines the brightest. I know what it feels like to just getting trough today, to be exhausted and unhappy, never feeling enough. And I know exactly how to help you end the struggle, remember who you are and recreate your life on purpose. 

Here is where we can start...

We love that you are here, going for your dream even though it can feel overwhelming and impossible. That’s why I’ve created a simple GUIDE that go deeper into all aspects of ending your never ending stress and exhaustion, and your  food-, eating- and health struggles, and find more of the  understanding, support and anchoring you’re looking for.

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"The price of fear and inaction, is the life you could have lived."

- Camilla Sage

«After just 2 weeks of working with Camilla, I've made some massive shifts in my mindset and I've stopped binge eating. This is something completely different.»


- Heidi B.

«This time last year, I was barely scarping by. I was binge eating every day, shaming myself and hiding all the evidence from my husband after. Thanks to Camilla's help I've stopped binging, and I'm a happier, healthier person for myself and my family.»


- Jeanett H.

“Is the way you live your life aligned with who you truly are?”

- Camilla Sage

«If someone is like me, - someone who has tried "everything", then you can be sure that this is what you need, and afterwards you don't need to try anything else, because this works.» 

- Rachel L.

«Anyone who has challenges with food and body should get Camilla’s program on a prescription!» 

- Eva U.