I was tired of myself, the never ending negative body focus, lack of energy, bad choices, constant thoughts on food, diets and all the weight I wanted to lose. Life felt depressing even though I had "everything".  

After working with Camilla I now feel happy and confident in myself. I accept and love myself and know that I am good enough, even though I’m working toward my goals.  If you consider to work with Camilla, I say «Go for it!». I highly recommend her. Camilla is a warm and knowledgeable coach with clear communication, which is absolutely necessary to bring about change and progress through the program. It requires commitment and effort, and I see now that the holistic focus is a "must" to end the emotional eating as well as creating permanent weight loss.

  •  Hege P.

When I came to Camilla, my mindset was characterized by «all or nothing» when it came to food and my body. I was either on track with an extreme diet to lose weight ASAP, or it was a «bad day/week/month» and I made bad choices throughout the day leading to only gaining more weight. I have had amazing help from all that I’ve learned about the body, food, mindset and health. I’ve also stopped with the «all or nothing» mindset and I’ve stopped binging with help from the amazing mental tools I’ve learned. These are things I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 

I really recommend working with Camilla. She’s clear and easy to relate to, and you notice that she really wants what’s best for you. 

  •  Tonje E

I have struggled all my life with food and weight. My days consisted of intense focus in food: What I should eat, when I should eat and how I should both lose weight and get control… The periods where I managed to stay «on track» became shorter and shorter, and the binge eating took place in secret. In addition, I compensated for everything I ate with large amounts of exercise, but still I gained weight.

Working with Camilla has been beyond all expectations. At the age of 47 I have stopped binge eating, I’m relaxed around food and it doesn’t consume my mind anymore. I have learned a lot about myself and a lot of useful tools that I will take with me for the rest of my life.  

  •  Helen R.

Before Camilla, I was failing in so many things in my life: My job as a leader, in my relationship with my husband, with my children, friendships and more. I was never truly present, my days were either «good or bad». I was constantly thinking about food and how to lose weight, doing extreme diets, but I always failed, and I felt a lot of shame and didn’t believe in myself any more. Today I have a great peace around food, I don’t think about calories anymore and I don’t have good or bad days. I don’t binge and I am much more mentally present in everyday life.

I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine when starting, and I’m incredibly glad I signed up for this.

  •  Marte E.

The connection Camilla makes between psychology, mindset and thought patterns, and also all the way into physiology and how we live everyday life, must be the missing link that makes people struggle with food, eating and weight loss. 

To someone who’s considering working with Camilla, I would say that it costs: Investing time and money, personal growth, effort, action, dedication and many aha-moments along the way, but it is so damn worth it! I will benefit from this work for the rest of my life.

I give her my best recommendations!

  •  Marina L.

When I started, my biggest challenge was low self-worth and negative body-image. This lead to many types of challenges, especially turning to food and wine to cope.

Now, I’ve stopped emotional eating, I’m more aware that it’s my choices and my focus that create change and results. I have lost around 20 pounds and still counting. Don’t spend time considering working with Camilla, get started!

  •  Kathrine S.

Before I met Camilla I struggled with negative focus and a lot of negative feelings every day, as well as binge eating and overexercising as compensation for my binging. I felt that every day was a struggle to avoid binging and I was afraid to lose control around food. I was also terrified of social settings. 

To others considering working with Camilla, there is only one thing to say: DO IT! This is nott just "another program", or "another restrictive and strict method", but something that will give you more quality of life and greater confidence in yourself. Camilla is the world's best supporter and coach. Already the first week of the course, I learned techniques that stopped my binging. Highly recommended! 

  •  Stina L

I had a very distorted image of myself and I had reach a point where I was wondering what the meaning of my life was. 

Camilla lit a spark in me and she has made me feel feelings I have never felt before.  I have gained self-confidence and self-esteem. I dare to stand up for myself, dare to raise my voice to say what I mean. I make good choices for myself and it’s absolutely magical. I radiate, dare to straighten my back to look at myself as a beautiful 50-year-old who is good and beautiful both inside and out, with good attitudes and values.

I feel like I have gotten the most out of everything in this program, it has hit me straight home. Camilla is a fantastic person with a huge amount of knowledge in the field! 

  •  Heidi L

I had reached a point where I did not recognise myself and I had lost myself completely. Working with Camilla shifted everything. Today I am a completely different person: I feel good about myself, I feel healthy. My children have noticed big changes - I don’t get easily annoyed or angry by small things anymore - I’m able to focus on the good things instead.

I make better choices when it comes to food - I’ve never had so many vegetables in the fridge. I have good routines when it comes to food and exercise and it’s completely automatic. The weeks with Camilla have been the best investment of my life! Today I have a clear picture of what I want out of life, I notice that I enjoy my days so much in everyday life now, I feel safe, have peace of mind, I love my body, I’m happy and I look forward to the future.

  •  Louise S.

I was terrified of running the rest of my life in a hamster wheel with constant stress, and  never feel good enough. I weighed too much, had little energy and wanted to lose weight, but I was unsure if I had a binge eating problem.

Today I'm doing really well. I focus on the good things, and I rarely feel irritation and frustration. I'm more proactive in achieving my goals. And I finally have a foundation in place for a healthier lifestyle and healthier body. I’m in control of my eating, I feel I have much more energy, joy and I’m doing amazing. 

  •  Annie H.

Before I came to Camilla I had tried "everything", but I was stuck. The constant shift between good periods with exercise and healthy food, to periods with complete exhaustion and emotional eating which was so draining.

It was incredibly helpful to work with Camilla. She has helped me get back the calmness in me and the love for myself. I’m a happier wife and mother, and much more present. My weight is dropping, my quality of life is higher than ever, my health gets better by the day and I’m so so happy I found a way to not only feel good here and now, but also moving towards reaching my goals at the same time. 

  •  Anne O.

I had been dissatisfied with myself and my body for a long period of time, and my eating was completely out of control.

I'm very skeptical by nature and I wasn't sure if  Camillas approach could help...

Today I have a completely new perspective on my life and the work simply left me a happier person. The tools I've been given help me to live my life in a better way than before.

I am deeply grateful for the help she has given me. 

  •  Caroline I.

I struggled with poor self-worth and negative thoughts about my body and looks.

Today I enjoy good foods without feeling guilty.

The weight has dropped, my eating I sin control and I don’t binge anymore.  I look healthier and better than ever.  I am so grateful for what she have taught me.

  •  Linni M.

I had big problems with my relationship with food, my weight and binge eating. I also struggled with a lot of worry. 

After working with Camilla my weight has dropped, I make better choices and I’m good at setting boundaries. I’ve gained a completely different belief in myself from being the one hiding in the corner, to really carrying myself with pride and with self confidence. I can finally live the life I want to live. The process is intensive and it takes time, but you get so much in return. I highly recommend working with Camilla. Take the leap, this was SO worth it.

  •  Maria L.

I have been yo-yo dieting all my life…  I had a lot of negative thoughts around my body and a very strained relationship with food. 

If someone is like me, - someone who has tried "everything", then you can be sure that this is what you need, and after you don't need to try anything else, because this works.

After working with Camilla, I have gained a completely new view of myself and my own body.  For the first time in my life I have the pleasure of being in control around food, the food doesn’t control me. All thanks to Camilla and her wisdom.

Anyone who has challenges with food and body should get Camilla’s program on a prescription! 

  •  Rachel L.

I struggled with binge eating, emotional eating and often turned to extreme diets to lose weight. I had very low self worth and never felt good enough.

Today I have a completely different relationship with myself. I don't diet anymore and I eat healthy. I don’t binge anymore and it was surprisingly easy once I learned the right way. I am much less stressed and have a higher self esteem and self worth. I’m forever grateful for Camillas help.

  •  Catherine M.

No matter which diet I did, or how much weight I lost, I couldn't get anything to last and I quickly gained it all back and then some. I also became far too strict with myself about food.

I don't regret for a second that I got in touch with Camilla, and I’m eternally grateful for all the help I have received. She is extremely skilled in her job. Now my weight is finally coming off, I am off the blood pressure medication and my mindset and new habits are getting stronger with each passing day. 

  •  Anne D. 

My biggest challenges were obesity and lack of energy when I met Camilla. If I lost weight, I always gained it back.

Now I have better eating routines, I do more of the things I want and in general I love my life. I have control over food and my process, and I’m not afraid anymore. I was worried that this would be just another "cure" in the series of yo-yo diets, but this is something completely different!

Camilla has helped me break the binge eating pattern, become aware of the choices I have and have made me see my goals more clearly. Now it’s much easier and more motivating than ever before to put in the effort toward my goals. 

  •  Caroline S. 

I’ve gotten more out of my weeks with Camilla, than 20 years of dieting. When I started working with her my biggest challenge was food.
Today I eat healthier and feel better. I have lost weight, but most of all I’m more confident.

I have a completely new pease associated with food. My routines are much better and I use the tools Camilla has taught me every single day.

In working with Camilla you get a great deal for your money. I wish  I knew all of this when I was 20 years old. I take with me everything she has taught me.

Camilla is exceptional at what she does.I give her my very best recommendations.

  •  Linda D.

Starting with Wholehearted Transformation, my biggest challenge was overeating, and a very negative body image. Now I have a much more relaxed relationship with food, and Camilla also helped me to remove anxiety and insecurity in very many cases and areas of my life. 

I make better choices in everyday life and I have much greater confidence.  

I was afraid that this was just another program. But what I have learned in these weeks cannot be appreciated enough! I have come to a completely different place in life! 

No doubt Camilla is wholehearted and that she knows what she talks about! I highly recommend her! 

  •  Freya L.