Wholehearted Transformation

Break Free From Binge and Emotional Eating,  Create a Body and Life You Love


A 16 weeks program where you will permanently end binge and emotional eating, heal the relationship with yourself and create the life of your dreams! 

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Wholehearted Transformation🤍

Permanently END Binge and Emotional Eating, Weight Loss Struggle And Create The Life Of Your Dreams. 


Do any of these sound familiar...

👉 You've tried "everything", but nothing works for you…

👉 You keep "pulling yourself together", but fail every time...

👉 You often end up binge and emotional eating.

👉 You have a complicated relationship with food: Either you are "on track" or "off track".

👉 You have a "all or nothing" mindset.

👉 "F*** it, I`ll start again tomorrow" - is something you've told yourself waaay too many times...

👉 Shame, guilt, disappointment, hopelessness and frustration is something you feel way too often. 

Maybe you're just about to give up hope that you will ever make it...? 

Hi love, and welcome to your new safe place!

Camilla is my name, and I'm so glad your here!

I know exactly how you're feeling and I have felt your frustration and had my own bodystruggles. The good thing is that there is a way out of it, and I am here to hold your hand during that process. If you'll let me❤️ 

You've had enough of the endless struggles of weight loss, negative body image and negative self talk, dieting and "on track, off track" struggles. Now it's your time to shine again. It's time to say goodbye to the old, outdated approaches to creating lasting change, losing weight and staying "on track" while managing your eating and habits!

It's time to leave all the struggles in the past!

When you feel good about yourself, and the process becomes easy - everything evolves into a self-reinforcing process you fall in love with, and this is why it that lasts. 

And ultimately, this affects you deeply in all areas of your life❤️

Life Is Now. Do You Participate In It
Or Are You Waiting To Get All Your Ducks In A Row...?

I'm DONE feeling stuck! Save my spot😊

If someone are like me, - someone who has tried "everything", then you can be sure that this is what you need. And after you've completed the program you don't need to try anything else, because this works. 

  • Rachel L.


Your Time Is NOW!


👉 A life where you feel genially happiness and ease every day. Having energy, health and vitality radiating from you, and feeling inner peace because you've finally ended the years of struggle with food, diet and weight loss. 

👉 A body that you're proud of, that you trust, and that you are excited to dress every day. Finally you look and feel like you've wanted all of these years. 

👉 Feeling free to do what you want when you want it. As well as feeling freedom and inner harmony from the years long battle with negative thinking and selv shaming. Freedom from the constant feeling of dissatisfaction and stress from the struggles you've been stuck in. 

👉 Experiencing life from a place where you feel empowered, in control, happy, and finally you feel at ease from showing up as yourself. Finally you feel like your life on the outside matches the person you are at the inside, and life isn't the stress and struggle anymore. You have finally tailored yourself and your life to be exactly like you want it.

Leave all your struggles in the past, and embrace the life you dream of with tools that will make it your reality - a reality that lasts❤️

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Hi, I'm Camilla Sage.
I Am A Clinical Dietitian, With Background In Psychology, as well as a multi certified coach. I Specialize In Binge and Emotional Eating, And Most importantly I'm Here To Help You Transform Your Life Forever! 

Join My Life-Changing 16 Week Program:

Wholehearted Transformation✨


Wholehearted Transformation goes on for 16 weeks.

During those 16 weeks, we will rewire your responses to cravings, food and triggering environments, so they are reduced and eventually disappear. 

We go in-depth on creating a diet that will give you the body, the energy, the freedom, and the lifestyle you desire, and in the same time you can attend and enjoy life.

We do so in a way where you don’t have to think about rules or counting calories. You will re-establish your connection and trust with your body, you will eat the food you enjoy in a way that supports your body and mind, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle.

Healthy living shouldn't be hard, and we'll recreate it into being a process you love❤️


✅ Finally feel true freedom from the dieting and the weight loss struggle, as well as knowing how you can lose weight and keep it off for good, without being afraid of "falling off the wagon" again.

✅ To eliminate binge eating, overeating and emotional eating, so you never again need to be afraid of "losing control" and finally you feel empowered and trust yourself🤍✨ 

 ✅ To learn a new way of approaching life, reduce stress and live life on your own terms, so that you actually feel like your'e LIVING here and now - every day, not just staying stuck in existing and keep on telling yourself "I'll do it when...." Because "when" never comes... 

✅ Finally having amazing self-worth, feeling self-confident and good about yourself and enjoying your life with certainty and control. The process of health, weight loss and reaching all of your goals will feel easy because you've stopped trying to shame yourself into action and beating yourself up. Instead you radiate vitality and carry yourself proud in every room you walk into, knowing who you are and acting on it unapologetically✨

✅ Getting your energy, joy and quality of life back 🤍✨

✅ Create the everyday life you dream of living 🤍✨

Then you have come to the right place!

Don't Wait To Start, Let’s Transform Your Life Forever!

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In Just 16 Weeks:

  • You eliminate binge and emotional eating.
  • You develop a relaxed, healthy and thriving relationship with food 
  • You're done with fad diets
  • You transition into a naturally healthy life you love living.
  • You create an internally thriving life that matches the external life you wish to have. 
  • You gain emotional fitness, self-esteem, self-confidence, and high self-worth.
  • You're no longer fighting with yourself or struggling to stay on track.
  • You create a new life with more energy, vitality, joy and happiness than ever before.
  • You create the life of your dreams from a healthy, calm, certain and happy place.

If this is what you want, then you have come to the right place!🤍✨

«Anyone who have challenges with food, binge eating, weight loss and body image should get Camilla’s program on a prescription!» 

  • Louise R.


Who Is This For?

This Is For You If:

  • You work purposefully towards things you want to have in your life.

  • You want to be healthy and fit, without going on a "diet".

  • You want to get back your energy, vitality and quality of life.

  • You will not only be told WHAT to do to succeed, you also want to learn HOW and WHY you must move forward and put in the work, so in the end you master all the tools yourself.

  • You are ready to make changes and you're ready to trust the process.

  • You want to regain control of your life, and put in the work required.

This Is NOT For You If:

  • You wanna do what you've always done, but you expect different results.

  • You want a "quick fix".

  • You just want another diet and being told what to do without thinking for yourself.

  • You're not open to new learnings.

  • You don't want to invest time, effort and resources in this.

  • You rather want to lose weight fast, than healthy, sustainable and permanently.

  • You only want to make changes on a superficial level. you're not interested in going deep and tackling things at the root cause. 

  • You only want to change your body, but not the rest of your life.
Save my spot😊

I really recommend working with Camilla❤️

I had an awfully low self-worth, binge eated a lot and had a huge chaos in my head over previous events in my life. I was in a lot of mental and emotional pain when I started. Camilla is very caring, clear and easy to talk to. At the same time, she takes great care of you and you notice she really wants what's best for you.

- Tonje E. 

You'll Get All This:


You get access to your own personal membership portal. Here are video lectures, audio files, guides, homework and tools available to you. Everything gathered in one place.


You get access to a new module and related tasks, weekly for 16 weeks.


Practical exercises for different trigger situations, so that you can regain control over your eating and with practise eliminate binge and emotional eating for good.


You get a complete and comprehensive nutrition guide, so you'll learn everything you need to know to keep your energy high, you're blodsuger stable and your body healthy, amazing and strong in the long run.


The whole program available in an app (This is by choice). This makes it easy to access the materials and teachings from everywhere, any time. 

I have found a way of doing life that I can enjoy for the rest of my life❤️

I have gone from living with rigid and extreme rules that only gave me problems with binge eating, negative thoughts and extremely low self-worth, to finding myself in an everyday life I love, and that I can enjoy for life ❤️

- Ragnhild E.  

Wholehearted Transformation
- The Levels

Click on the levels to read more about each step in the process. 

You will be lead through all themes and modules in a way, so you're not only learning them intellectually, but also will go through an integration process so the changes becomes a natural part of your life. This is the only way you will be able to upgrade yourself, your body and your life in all levels. 

Save my spot😊

Wholehearted Transformation is Retiring - Your Last Chance to Get Access for 70% OFF!


The ordinary price for working with Camilla on this approach is $3000. 

Included in that package is the program itself, weekly follow-up and bi-weekly calls with Camilla. 

In this offer, you get to choose how much support you would like to have by purchasing only the program (including all the materials), and then you can reach out to Camilla and buy coaching-calls at your own pace and as much as you need. 

This is the ONLY time this program will be offered with this model. Once the timer counts down, the offer is gone.

Flash Sale - Get Access for 70% OFF

Ending In:

(Before: $3000, Now: $990. Save: $2100)











Best Price!🎉

Ordinary price: $3000

70% discount

Pay the whole amount in one payment.
Total: $990

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Ordinary price: $3000

Monthly payments for two months

Total: $1090

Save my spot!

ÂŤThis is not just "another program", or "another restrictive and strict method", but something that will give you more quality of life and greater confidence in yourself."

  •  Stina L.


The Woman Behind

Camilla Sage is an authorized clinical dietitian,  binge- and emotional eating coach, life coach and health coach. She helps people to overcome problems such as binge- and emotional eating, struggle to lose weight, healthy habits and lifestyle, food issues, low self-confidence and low self worth and so much more. Challenges that directly keep you stuck, leads you to sabotage yourself and keeping you from achieving the results you wish for yourself, your body, your health and your life. 

Your Future Self Will Thank You, Sign Up Today🤍