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10 Critical Components Missing From Most Weight Loss Programs

binge eating emotional eating overeating people pleasing stress weight loss Oct 11, 2023

We are constantly spammed with recipes and solutions to lose weight. Newspaper headlines, magazines, "click-baits" and so on.

Everyone claims to have THE SOLUTION, but it never goes beyond a diet plan or a concept with specific frameworks and rules: “Eat this, but not that, eat at this time and not at that time, you should do intermitted fasting 16 hours a day, don’t eat carbs, don’t eat fat, eat lots of protein, use protein powder, use BCAAs, don't drink caffeinated beverages - use pre workout” and so on...

And the tornado of conflicting messages continues.

Generally, they're based on a system or rules around food, sometimes even exercise, to lose weight. 

But we know that is only a temporary solution, as long as you manage to stick to it… The very reason that these approaches are neither sustainable nor the whole solution lies in all the evidence in ourselves and people around us: We're able to stick to a diet for a certain amount of time and maybe we lose some weight too, but it won't last or be sustainable in the long run. After the diet, you might gain even more weight than before.

The truth is that approaching weight loss and a lifestyle changes by solely focusing on a diet/exercise is not the solution for the whole problem!

Most “plans" and "concepts" for losing weight lack some ELEMENTARY parts where they fall short. Because of that, instead you develop a strained relationship with food, bad eating patterns such as emotional eating, and more weight gain in the long run. 


Here is the list of 10 things that are missing from "regular" diets:


1. You need to learn how to think for yourself and fix your strained relationship with food!

2. You need to reconnect the survival brain's response to emotional cravings. 

3. You must learn to activate your nervous system in the right way!

4. Cut out "diet food" and "healthyfications".

5. You need to break up with an unfavorable emotional relationship with food. 

6. Willpower and distraction techniques do not work! 

7. You must get rid of limiting perceptions and established truths.

8. Build motivation that works in the long run - but most people don't know how. 

9. Build high self-worth.

10. Eliminate self-sabotage.


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